Denys Linkov

Software Developer

What do I do?

iOS Development

Android Development

Java Development

Web Development

iOS Development

iSaw iCame iConquered

Virtual Logistics

Integrate and keep track of your data.


Keep up with the latest medical innovations

The Pick

Know sports better than your friends?


How do you know what's going on at school?

Android and Java Development

I might be a robot

Food for thought

Can you collect the hidden food in time?

The Pick

Yep, it's on two platforms

Tabs Plus

Reduced Debate Tournament Delay by 50%

Web Development


Getting youth involved with the local tech scene

Personal Website

Seem familiar?

Just for fun

I'm not a robot

Aegis Vice President

Not for profit, raised 10k+

Head Camp Counsellor

Supervisor of 20 staff.

Taekwon Do

13 Years. 2nd Degree Black Belt.


National Competitor and Coach.

University of Toronto

Start up wombo combo

Computer Science


Employment Relations


Denys Linkov

Stop asking "Y" and start asking "Why Not?"


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